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COUGAR GEX1050 80Plus Gold
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COUGAR GEX1050 is a high-quality 80Plus Gold certified PSU with flawless power delivery at 40°C environments. Efficient, silent and durable, GEX1050 is the best answer for those looking for the best value in PSU...
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EVGA W2 80 plus WHITE 600W
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An Ultra-Quiet 120mm FanProvides up to 49A/588W on the +12V railHeavy-duty protections, including OVP (Over Voltage Protection), UVP (Under Voltage Protection), OPP (Over Power Protection), and SCP (Short Circuit Protection)EVGA Global 3 Year Limited Warranty and unparalleled EVGA Customer Support80..
Ex Tax:€62.98
EVGA 750 BQ "Great Quality, Great Value"80 PLUS Bronze certified, with 85 percentage efficiency or higher under typical loadsFan Size / Bearing: 140mm Teflon Nano Steel Bearing Quiet and Intelligent Auto Fan for near silent operationHeavy duty protections, including OVP, UVP, OCP, OPP, and SCP..
Ex Tax:€85.00
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CORSAIR CX-750F RGB Series fully modular power supplies deliver reliable 80 PLUS Bronze efficient power to your system, alongside vibrant customizable lighting from a 120mm RGB fan and a clean aesthetic...
Ex Tax:€105.00
Reliable and efficient, the Xigmatek 750W Hydra M 80+ Bronze Full-Modular Power Supply helps your computer safely power up and boot to handle your basic/gaming tasks with ease. 80 Plus Bronze certified ensures to deliver 85% efficiency at 50% load. The better power efficiency leads to less power was..
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Pure Power 11 700W CM offers peerless dependability and best-in-class features. Whether you’re assembling a very quiet system, upgrading an existing PC, or building a multi-GPU gaming system, your build will benefit from this PSU that simply has the best combination of features at a very popular pri..
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GAMDIAS KRATOS P1 650 watt 80 plus GOLD
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Built up to meet 80 PLUS Gold energy efficiency, KRATOS P1 650G delivers steady power output and ensures the impeaccable quality for professional gamers. A preferable individual style can be effortlessly achieved with built-in RGB lighting effects and addressable LEDs. Also, aesthetic and airflow ar..
Ex Tax:€82.31
230V input with greater than 80% efficiency under typical loadsSingle rail +12V output for high power utilization applicationsOVP/OPP/UVPFCC, CE, RoHS standards compliantActive PFC..
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Minotaur 850W (Full Range, LLC DC TO DC, 80PLUS Gold, Full Modular,Color Box)LLC Resonant Circuit Layout TopologyDC to DC Circuit DesignFully Featured Modular Cable PSU140mm Low Noise Cooling FanDesigned for Professional and Gaming System..
Ex Tax:€108.00
80% Efficiency at Any System Load.Able to Work From 220V to 240V Environment.Enhanced +12V Current Capability Broadens Utilization Possibilities.Reduce Line Loss and Power Distortion.Provide Excellent Cooling and Longer Life Time.High Quality Finish An Ideal Choice for Any System Build.OPP/UVP/OVP/S..
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COUGAR CMX1200 watt
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New high-end series of power supplies specifically target demanding gamers, the COUGAR CMX V3 series. The 80Plus Bronze certified CMX V3 series provides up to 88% peak efficiency. The advanced cable management solution allows users to only use those cables their peripherals actually need, thereby ef..
Ex Tax:€159.62
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